Detailed Report 2011-12-10 - Rear-Admiral J.J. Bennett

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For: Rear-Admiral J.J. Bennett
Chief of Reserves and Cadets
Purpose: CIC Training Organization Professional Development Symposium at CBSA, Military Valour Decorations/Meritorious Service Decorations ceremony, National Capital Region (NCR) Defence Visible Minority Advisory Group (DVMAG) Exec Meeting, Defence Management Committee (DMC), Armed Forces Council (AFC), Deputy Minister Executive cadre Town Hall, and NDHQ Coordination Committee (NC2).
Start Date: 2011-12-10
End Date: 2011-12-16
Destination: Rigaud, QC and Ottawa, ON
Air Fare: $569.41
Other Transportation: $288.20
Accommodation: $709.64
Meals and Incidentals: $451.25
Other: $107.00
Total: $2,125.50