Lieutenant-General MJ Dumais - Commander Canada Command

Travel Expenses - June 2, 2006 to September 1, 2006

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2006-06-09 Official Visit to JTFE HQ $0.00
2006-06-14 Observer at the Exercise Trident Warrior 2007 and attendance at the CISM Volleyball Championships. $4,897.91
2006-06-19 16th World Conference on Disaster Management $545.76
2006-06-23 Keynote Speaker at the National Board of Governors - Corps of Commissionaires Canada and attendance at Mess Dinner $759.50
2006-06-28 First Official Visit to USNORTHCOM $1,484.52
2006-07-03 Reviewing Officer at the JTFN Change of Command Ceremony, Official Visit of JTFC and Senior Executive Meeting during Calgary Stampede. $2,423.56
  Total: $10,111.25

Hospitality Expenses - June 2, 2006 to September 1, 2006

Date Event Description Cost
2006-06-26 Refreshements during the visist of the participants to the Young Leaders Program. $44.24
2006-06-29 Official Gift presented to ADM T. Keating, Comd USNORTHCOM $255.13
2006-07-12 Refreshements during meeting between the US 5th Army Gp Staff and Canada COM. $71.06
2006-07-12 Refreshments for unit`s Official Ceremony. $116.98
2006-07-18 Refreshments during the visit of Gen Boulnois, Chief of French Force Reserve $32.99
2006-08-01 Refreshments during a meeting with Senior DND Officials. $19.93
2006-08-23 Official Gifts: a Canada COM plaque offered to Mayors of Pond Inlet, Clyde River and Qikiqtarjuaq during VIP day of Operation Lancaster. $167.75
  Total: $708.08