Rear-Admiral R. Girouard - Commander Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters

Travel Expenses - March 2, 2007 to June 1, 2007

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2007-03-21 Guest Speaker for United States Naval League of Seattle "Canada Night" (Airfare and Accommodations paid for by Canadian Consulate in Seattle Washington, USA) $64.55
2007-04-03 Accompanied the Chief of Defence Staff during his visit to the city of Vancouver (Travelled to Vancouver on Chief of Defence Staff Challenger Aircraft, returned via commercial air) $621.81
2007-04-05 Visited the participants of Arctic Search and Rescue Exercise $164.96
2007-04-25 Attended Vancouver 2010 Planning Meetings and conducted site reconnaissance with Commander of Canada Command $958.87
2007-05-04 Participated as a panellist in Media Technical Briefings on British Columbia Flood Situation $226.83
2007-05-11 Attended the Asian Heritage Cultural Event and made presentations to community leaders $624.47
2007-05-16 Guest Speaker at the Local Government Management Association Conference $214.43
2007-05-26 Attended the Chief of Defence Staff Seminar $3,548.37
  Total: $6,424.29

Hospitality Expenses - March 2, 2007 to June 1, 2007

Date Event Description Cost
2007-03-02 Held a reception during the Center for Asia Pacific Initiatives Conference -Reception $500.00
2007-03-02 Hosted recipients and families of recipients for the Warrant Presentation Ceremony - Light Lunch $174.00
2007-03-17 Hosted the Friends and Family of HMCS OTTAWA for its homecoming -Light refreshments $304.51
2007-04-03 Hosted the Chief of Defence Staff-Coffee Break and Working Luncheon $74.07
2007-04-17 Hosted Brigadier General Lerardi, US Army Commander US Joint Task Force North Luncheon $97.81
2007-04-22 Presented official mementoes to international delegation participants of Exercise Bell Buoy 2007 $561.80
2007-04-26 Hosted Lieutenant General Lucas Chief of Air Staff - Working Breakfast $26.89
2007-04-30 Operation PONTOON brief to Commander 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group - Coffee Break $93.71
2007-05-14 Working Luncheon with Rear Admiral (Retired) Yanow $26.05
  Total: $1,858.84