Major General H.M. Petras - Chief of Reserves and Cadets

Travel Expenses - June 2, 2007 to September 1, 2007

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2007-06-05 CDS Working Bkft, Briefing at Canadian Forces College (CFC) (NSSP 9), CFLC Council Meeting $2,892.89
2007-06-16 Brief at NATO School, VCDS General Officer (GO) Mtg, Chief Reserve Council (CRC), Brief at JFROC, Brief at Canadian Forces College (CFC) (JCSP Crse) $8,622.20
2007-06-28 VCDS General Officer (GO) Mtg, Canadian Forces Pension Advisory Committee (CFPAC) Mtg, CANSOFCOM Change of Command, Attend Royal NS Tattoo $2,753.38
2007-07-05 Joint Reserve Command and Staff Course (JRCSC) Meeting (Paid by CFC) $952.17
2007-07-10 Chief Military Personnel (CMP) Change of Command, Armed Forces Council (AFC), VCDS General Officer (GO) Mtg $1,446.86
2007-07-18 Attend AESOR competition $7,338.53
2007-07-25 Chief of Air Staff (CAS) Change of Command, Visit with Governor General’s Foot Guards (GGFG) $1,328.14
2007-07-28 Attend NRFC Summer Meeting $11,763.11
2007-08-07 Visit HMCS ACADIA, Reviewing Officer for Regional Gliding School (RGS) Debert Grad Parade $2,808.77
2007-08-12 Operation Nanook 07, Cadet Summer Training Centre (CSTC) Trenton Grad Parade, RO Regional Gliding School (RGS) Moutainview Grad Parade $2,676.13
2007-08-20 Chief Reserves and Cadets CWO Change of Appointment Ceremony $761.74
2007-08-25 Governor General’s Foot Guards (GGFG) Grad Parade $1,185.64
  Total: $44,529.56

Hospitality Expenses - June 2, 2007 to September 1, 2007

Date Event Description Cost
2007-06-23 Chief Reserve Council (CRC) Meeting $164.45
  Total: $164.45