Rear-Admiral R. Girouard - Commander Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters

Travel Expenses - June 2, 2007 to September 1, 2007

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2007-06-04 To Observe the National Naval Reserve Exercise Western Sentry and meet with Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan $441.83
2007-06-18 To participate in 2010 Olympic Deputy Minister's Discussions and the Horton Exhibit Opening at the Greater Vancouver Maritime Museum $461.81
2007-06-20 To Participate in the Vice Regal Cruise with the Lieutenant Governer of British Columbia and meet with Local Officials in Prince Rupert $1,998.53
2007-07-03 To Participate in 19 Wing Comox Change of Command Ceremony as Commander Joint Task Force Pacific $260.60
2007-07-17 Represented Commander Joint Task Force Pacific at the Funeral Service of Master Corporal Bason from 39 Brigade $278.68
  Total: $3,441.45

Hospitality Expenses - June 2, 2007 to September 1, 2007

Date Event Description Cost
2007-06-07 Hosted the Broadmead Foundation Board of Directors for discussions and Working Luncheon $180.00
2007-06-20 Hosted Incoming Assistant Regional Coast Guard Commissioner for Courtosy call and Light working Lunch $40.00
2007-06-21 Hosted Formal Dinner onboard Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Vancouver for the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia $360.00
2007-06-22 Hosted Local Officials from the Prince Rupert Port Authority, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment and Customs and Security Canada for working breakfast meeting $250.00
2007-07-09 Hosted Minister of National Defence and Prime Minister of Canada for light working breakfast and coffee break during Artic Ice Breaker Announcement $450.00
2007-07-10 Chief of Maritime Staff Hosted working luncheon for West Coast Command Teams $225.00
2007-07-26 Hosted the Naval Executive Board for working Breakfast and light working luncheon sessions $315.00
2007-07-27 Hosted the Maritime Forces Pacific / Joint Task Force Pacific Change of Command Reception $3,980.08
  Total: $5,800.08