Rear Admiral T.H.W. Pile - Commander Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters eff 27 Jul 07

Travel Expenses - September 2, 2007 to December 1, 2007

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2007-09-11 Admiral attended the Grand Opening of the Fairview Container Terminal and Participated in the Pacific Federal Council Meetings. $2,172.78
2007-09-25 39 Brigade Turnover Briefings and Visit with Headquarters Staff $759.45
2007-09-27 Delivered keynote address at Military Museum of Alberta Mess Dinner Conducted Community Outreach in the City of Calgary (Spoke at Rotary Club, Met with the Calgary Herald Editorial Board, the Mayor of Calgary and Naval Veterans). $907.80
2007-10-01 Admiral attended the Homeland Defence and Homeland Security Conference in Colorado Springs. Spoke on a Panel to discuss preparations for the 2010 Olympics. $4,905.42
2007-10-10 Admiral required to attend Canada Command Commander's Conference. $3,519.52
2007-10-14 Admiral invited to deliver presentation at the 4th Annual Maritime Domain Awareness Conference in Singapore. $11,713.35
2007-10-23 Admiral required to attend Naval Officer Executive Board meetings by Chief of Maritime Staff. $3,828.85
2007-10-27 Colonel David Barr attended the Seaforth Highland Regimental Mess Dinner as Admiral Pile's representative. $609.46
2007-11-07 Captain Navy Peter Ellis represented Admiral Pile at the Change of Command Ceremony for Submarine Strike Group 9. $571.84
2007-11-08 Admiral invited to deliver comments to the Canadian Risk Hazard Symposium. Admiral conducted meetings with Mayor of Vancouver. $734.05
2007-11-09 Admiral accompanied Chief of Defence Staff to Vancouver Canucks Canadian Forces Appreciation Night . $389.10
2007-11-16 Admiral invited to attend Royal Canadian Mounted Police Regimental Dinner and be Guest of Honour at Her Majesty's Canadian Ship DISCOVERY annual mess dinner. $1,211.04
  Total: $31,322.66

Hospitality Expenses - September 2, 2007 to December 1, 2007

Date Event Description Cost
2007-10-04 United States Ship (USS Abraham Lincoln) Senior Officers Dinner. $1,149.59
2007-10-30 Dinner for the Visit of the Commander Canada Command Lieutenant General Dumais. $975.00
2007-11-05 Luncheon in honour of the Visit of the Honourable Phil Goff Minister of Defence for New Zealand. $500.00
  Total: $2,624.59