Major-General D. Gosselin - Commander - Canadian Defence Academy

Travel Expenses - March 2, 2008 to June 1, 2008

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2008-03-13 Dalhousie University Conference - Keynote speech on Civil-Military Relations $949.89
2008-03-18 Executive Group Orientation Course Meeting; Meeting Individual Training Modernization; Retirement Ceremony; MILPERSCOM Senior Leaders Forum $580.27
2008-03-27 Strategic Intake Plan and Training Connectivity $35.90
2008-03-31 Chief of Military Personnel Colonel and Captain(Navy) Merit Board $12.65
2008-04-08 National Security Studies Programme Development; Individual Training - Chief of the Defence Staff Intent and Individual Training & Education Update $908.80
2008-04-14 Canadian Defence Academy - Commander Strategic Planning Session $15.00
2008-04-16 Colonels on National Security Programme Update; Assistant Chief of Military Personnel Handover Presentation $12.85
2008-04-17 Canadian representative to the NATO Defence College - 37th Conference of Commandants $5,891.94
2008-04-28 Canadian Expeditionary Force Command Commendation Presentation at Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School; Saint-Jean Royal Military College Board of Governors $177.82
2008-04-30 National Security Programme Presentation to the Chief of the Defence Staff and Vice Chief of the Defence Staff; Air Board Spring 2008 Edition; National Capital Region Canadian Military Engineers’ Spring Mess Dinner; Retirement Ceremony $608.97
2008-05-06 Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering Visit; Briefing at Canadian Forces Support Training Group; Guest Speaker at the Training Development Officer Basic Qualification Course Graduation and Mess Dinner $141.10
2008-05-23 Saint-Jean Royal Military College Ball and Opening Ceremony/Reception $306.09
2008-05-27 Military Personnel Command Council $110.74
  Total: $9,752.02

Hospitality Expenses - March 2, 2008 to June 1, 2008

Date Event Description Cost
2008-03-10 Coffee and Lunch - Kingston Royal Military College Board of Governors $152.00
2008-04-14 Coffee and Lunch - Canadian Defence Academy Command Council Strategic Planning Session $805.00
2008-04-28 Coffee, Lunch & Dinner - Saint-Jean Royal Military College Board of Governors $1,481.03
2008-05-06 Lunch - RAdm Morisetti - Commandant of Joint Services Command and Staff College (UK) Visit $52.00
2008-05-25 Dinner - Major-General Ash Power - Commander Training Command - Army (Australia) Visit $496.25
  Total: $2,986.28