Rear Admiral T.H.W. Pile - Commander Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters

Travel Expenses - March 2, 2008 to June 1, 2008

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2008-03-02 Hosted Chief of Defence Staff and Command Council in Vancouver for 2010 Olympic Security Update and Decision briefs. $641.29
2008-03-14 Attended Friends of Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Vancouver Annual Mess Dinner as Guest Speaker and Guest of Honour. $368.85
2008-03-26 Attended Navy League of Seattle Canada Night Dinner as Guest Speaker. Conducted courtesy visits to University of Washington Canadian Studies Program and United States Coast Guard in Seattle. $590.62
2008-04-13 Participated in the Global Futures Forum Conference. $736.94
2008-04-30 Participated in Admiral's Council and attended Maritime Atlantic Change of Command Ceremony. $3,627.71
  Total: $5,965.41

Hospitality Expenses - March 2, 2008 to June 1, 2008

Date Event Description Cost
2008-03-26 Hosted a working break with members of HMCS Calgary and HMCS Protecteur Ship Companies $119.50
2008-04-07 Hosted a working break with members of HMCS Regina and HMCS Ottawa Ship Companies. $35.40
2008-04-13 Admiral hosted Chief of Maritime Staff and all Departing Commanding Officers and Immediate Families to the residence for Briefing on the Morning of Departure Ceremonies for CTF 150 $450.00
2008-04-13 Admiral Sponsored Hot Chocolate for Family Members of all ships as part of Departure Ceremonies $4.50
2008-04-15 Attended Official Re-Opening Ceremony of Nelles Block $784.00
  Total: $1,393.40