Major-General D. Gosselin - Commander - Canadian Defence Academy

Travel Expenses - December 2, 2008 to March 1, 2009

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2008-12-01 Civil-Military Relations Book Meeting; Review of National Security Programme & Joint Command and Staff Programme Distance Learning; Military Personnel Command Council; Guest of Honour 8 Wing Officers' Mess Dinner $640.82
2008-12-10 Canadian Forces Support Training Group Visit; Canadian Defence Academy Commendation Presentation at the Canadian Forces Language School Detachment Borden; National Security Programme (DSP 591) Course Meeting; Executive Group Orientation Dinner $309.52
2009-01-12 University of Guelph Advisory Board Meeting and Lincoln Alexander Outstanding Leader Award Luncheon; Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School & Royal Military College St-Jean Visit $778.65
2009-01-27 Non-commissioned Member Professional Development Council Realignment Meeting; Professional Development Council $428.53
2009-02-03 Algonquin College Visit; Military Personnel Command Council $266.22
2009-02-12 Meeting with Senior Directing Staff - National Security Programme (DS591 JIT Session) $333.84
2009-02-14 Official Mess Dinner - Toronto Garrison Ball $397.81
2009-02-24 Canadian Forces Individual Training & Education Symposium $47.75
  Total: $3,203.14

Hospitality Expenses - December 2, 2008 to March 1, 2009

Date Event Description Cost
2009-02-10 Coffee/Lunch - Royal Military College of Saint-Jean Board of Governors $529.59
2009-02-11 Coffee/Lunch - Board of Governors; Armed Forces Council $952.41
2009-02-16 Official memento to MGen Yurri Chernykh; Visit from Ukraine Students attending Canadian Forces Language School $36.75
2009-02-23 Coffee and Official memento to LCol Sergey Viadmirovich Pankov; Kazakhstan Delegation Visit $77.15
  Total: $1,595.90