Rear Admiral T.H.W. Pile - Commander Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters

Travel Expenses - September 2, 2009 to December 1, 2009

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2009-08-31 Attended Academic RAM in Edmonton for Vancouver Olympics Security preps and Naval Board in Ottawa $4,726.72
2009-09-22 Participated in Exercise Laurel Wreath as Commander Joint Task Force Games $778.55
2009-10-01 Attended Crisis Cell at Integrated Security Unit for Vancouver 2010 Olympics Security Preps, and Commander CanadaCommand RJTFConference $3,448.15
2009-10-04 Attended General Officer/Flag Officer Conference $3,693.40
2009-10-15 Attended Canada-U.S.-Japan Trilateral Conference as guest speaker, at the invitation of Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada $419.24
2009-10-18 Participated in Exercise Spartan Rings for V2010 Olympics Security $433.05
2009-10-27 Attended Hockey Game at the invitation of Canada Autism Network $247.25
2009-10-31 Represented MARPAC at Vancouver Canucks' CF Appreciation Night, participated in Exercise GOLD for V2010 Olympics Security $898.01
2009-11-12 Represented JTFP at Commander CanadaCommand Search and Rescue Conference $3,648.47
2009-11-16 Participated in Command Level Talks with Commander Joint Task Force West $540.79
  Total: $18,833.63

Hospitality Expenses - September 2, 2009 to December 1, 2009

Date Event Description Cost
2009-09-08 Hosted reception following MARPAC HQ Change of Command Ceremony $467.49
2009-09-09 Hosted Salvation Army Advisory Board for working luncheon $219.71
2009-09-10 Hosted United States Navy delegation from PACFLT for working luncheon $177.19
2009-09-30 Hosted guests at Canadian Naval Centennial Bell-casting Ceremony for tea and coffee $132.95
2009-10-16 Hosted members of Joint Task Forces Games for Post Exercise Spartan Rings hot-washup, for tea and coffee $638.81
2009-10-26 Hosted guests of Building D-77 re-naming ceremony for tea and coffee $423.63
2009-10-30 Hosted local influencers and supporters of the Navy for an appreciation-dinner at Admiral's House $500.00
2009-11-27 Hosted Professor and Director of Global Issues, UBC, and Special Advisor (Policy), for working lunch $100.00
2009-11-30 Hosted local First Nation leaders for relationship building luncheon $321.21
  Total: $2,980.99