General W.J. Natynczyk - Chief of the Defence Staff

Travel Expenses - March 2, 2010 to June 1, 2010

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2010-03-05 Visit to New-Zealand, Australia and to the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games $14,128.84
2010-03-18 Meeting with the Minister of National Defence and Meeting with Canadian Security Intelligence Service $1,163.17
2010-03-23 Team Canada visit to Task Force Afghanistan $5,630.05
2010-04-12 Visit of Commander North American Aerospace Defence Command $184.57
2010-05-01 Canadian Centennial Mess Dinner - Visit to HMCS Frederiction and attend the Halifax City Parade. $1,353.65
2010-05-04 163rd Meeting of the Military Committee in Chief of Staff Session-Meeting with Chief of Defence Netherland-Attend a Ceremony of Remembrance-Visit to US Africa Command-Visit to Ramstein Landstuhl Regional Medical Centre and participation to two Remembrance Ceremonies $1,795.63
2010-05-25 Interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Address to the Canadian Forces College $902.90
2010-05-28 Visit to Land Forces Western Area Headquarters and attend Valour Place Reception $3,921.54
  Total: $29,080.35

Hospitality Expenses - March 2, 2010 to June 1, 2010

Date Event Description Cost
2010-03-04 Visit of General Patraeus, Commander US Central Command and Speaking engagement at the Conference of Defence Associations Institute $1,476.26
2010-03-05 Visit to New-Zealand and Australia, Memento presentations and spousal travel $4,670.49
2010-03-13 Soldier On Dinner $4,621.68
2010-03-21 Team Canada Memento presentations and Reception $1,721.00
2010-04-11 Visit of Commander North American Aerospace Defense Command and US Northern Command $2,829.97
2010-04-21 Wreath Laying at the funeral of the Chief of the General Staff of Poland $276.13
2010-04-21 Visit of Director National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, USA $1,039.27
2010-04-25 Wreath Laying at Australian and New Zealand Army Corps World War I Commemorative Service $105.00
2010-04-28 Courtesy Call by the USA Ambassador to Canada $7.49
2010-04-28 Courtesy Call by the Macedonian Consul-General to Canada $7.49
2010-04-29 Courtesy Call by the Israeli Chief of Defence Intelligence $7.49
2010-05-02 Canadian Centennial Mess Dinner Memeto presentation $105.65
2010-05-05 Meeting with the Commander of US Africa Command Memento presentations $311.53
2010-05-06 Meeting with Chief of Defence Netherlands and attend a Ceremony of Remembrance Memento presentation $227.21
2010-05-08 Visit to Germany $892.27
2010-05-13 Visit of the Chief of Defence Denmark $711.93
2010-05-18 Canadian Forces Appreciation Night - Memento presentation $94.95
  Total: $19,105.81