Rear-Admiral N.S. Greenwood - Commander Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters

Travel Expenses - September 2, 2011 to December 1, 2011

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2011-09-01 Comd MARPAC attended Royal Vancouver Yatch Club Commodore's cup $217.47
2011-09-06 Comd MARPAC attended the Canada Command Commander's Conference $5,299.68
2011-09-17 Comd MARPAC participated in community relations activities in Vancouver $303.63
2011-09-21 Comd MARPAC was a participant in a conference at the University of Alberta $2,055.58
2011-09-27 Comd MARPAC attended the Executive Second Career Advisory Network (SCAN) seminar and Naval Board $6,110.28
2011-10-07 Comd MARPAC represented the CF at the San Francisco Fleet Week $2,372.78
2011-10-22 Comd MARPAC was a VIP guest at the HMCS DISCOVERY mess dinner $579.31
2011-11-05 Comd MARPAC was the guest of honour at the SEAFORTH annual mess dinner $567.74
2011-11-07 Comd MARPAC attended the Japan-Canada Navy to Navy Staff Talks $8,496.83
2011-11-20 Comd MARPAC visited US Coast Guard District 13 and US Navy North West in Seattle Area and was the guest speaker at the Quarterly Dinner group dinner in Vancouver $1,476.07
2011-11-26 Comd MARPAC hosted the CDS for a daysail from Victoria to Vancouver $166.88
2011-11-30 Comd MARPAC attended the Justice Institute of BC annual gala $513.64
  Total: $28,159.89

Hospitality Expenses - September 2, 2011 to December 1, 2011

Date Event Description Cost
2011-09-09 Comd MARPAC attended daysail with Royal Roads Alumni members $1,491.84
2011-09-12 Comd MARPAC hosted a Senior Council Offsite, coffe break and lunch $265.35
2011-09-14 Comd MARPAC hosted the Salvation Army Board Meeting working lunch $238.75
2011-09-15 Comd MARPAC hosted a small reception for the IMAX presentation of "Rescue" $500.00
2011-09-15 Comd MARPAC hosted Commander Royal Canadian Navy, working breakfast and lunch $193.27
2011-09-16 Comd MARPAC hosted a dinner for Commander Royal Canadian Navy and VIP guests $493.21
2011-09-19 Comd MARPAC attended the Warrants ceremony, coffee $103.44
2011-10-08 Comd MARPAC attended San Francisco Fleet Week reception $6,722.39
2011-10-18 Comd MARPAC hosted the Pacific Staff talks, coffee $46.49
2011-10-18 Comd MARPAC hosted Pacific Staff talks, luncheon $319.50
2011-11-04 Comd MARPAC attended the quarterly Awards Ceremony, coffee $246.41
2011-11-18 Comd MARPAC hosted the Victoria Chamber of Commerce for coffee $225.00
2011-11-24 Comd MARPAC hosted the Honourary Captain (N) planning session, working lunch $107.60
2011-11-25 Comd MARPAC hosted the CDS for a visit to MARPAC and appreciation luncheon $217.75
2011-11-29 Comd MARPAC hosted a dinner for CDS and local VIPs $247.80
2011-11-29 Comd MARPAC hosted an appreciation luncheon for the McVittie painting donation $149.15
  Total: $11,567.95