General W.J. Natynczyk - Chief of the Defence Staff

Travel Expenses - March 2, 2012 to June 1, 2012

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2012-03-05 Official visit to China $7,898.44
2012-04-12 Northern Chief of Defence Staff meeting $65.77
2012-04-12 The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association Conference, North American Aerospace Defense Command Spring Ball/Contingency Plan Brief, Indian and New Zealand Chiefs of Defense visits $142.20
2012-04-14 Guest Speaker at National Association of Canadian Chairs of Family Medicine Conference $2,318.84
2012-04-22 Visit to NATO Allied Joint Force Command Naples and Military Committee Meetings with Mediterranean Countries- $7,017.87
2012-05-17 Royal Military College Sunset Ceremony and Graduation ceremony/dinner St-Jean and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit $101.35
2012-05-22 Commerative Tattoo for 2012 Royal visit with Prince Charles, Prince of Wales $40.85
2012-05-29 Canadian Forces Base Petawawa- honours and awards ceremony $40.85
  Total: $17,626.17

Hospitality Expenses - March 2, 2012 to June 1, 2012

Date Event Description Cost
2012-03-09 Visit to China $1,327.18
2012-03-16 Visit of General Binyamin Gantz, Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defence Forces $2,472.98
2012-03-24 Visit to Indonesia for JIDD $50.54
2012-04-13 Northern Chiefs of Defence (CHODS) Meeting $2,037.70
2012-04-14 Army Ball 2012 $120.00
2012-04-16 CDS Speaking Engagement at the 2012 Canadian Conference on Medical Education $1,926.57
2012-04-17 Meeting with Ambassador Zhang Junsai Chinese Ambassador in Canada $195.67
2012-04-27 NATO MC/CS (Military Committee in Chiefs of Staff Session) $5,911.81
2012-05-02 Courtesy call by Lt.Gen. Mario Marioli, Italian Deputy Secretary General of Defence $86.97
2012-05-04 Visit of General Kyalid Shamemm Wynne, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Pakistan $12,971.12
2012-05-12 Visit to Colorado Springs- NORAD & CONPLAN brief and Mess Dinner $194.76
2012-05-18 Visit of Lieutenant-General Rhys Jones, Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force $10,117.80
2012-05-18 CFCWO Annual Conference in Victoria, BC $650.00
2012-05-18 Visit of Admiral Nirmal Kumar Verma, Chief of the Naval Staff, India $5,989.99
2012-05-20 Multiple bilateral discussions to promote Canada's interests within member nations of NATO $12.32
2012-05-25 Visit of Admiral James G. Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander Europe(SACEUR) $4,476.44
2012-05-28 Working luncheon of the Armed Forces Council (AFC) and the National Military Family Council (NMFC) $524.04
2012-05-28 Courtesy call with Mgen Alawadhi (assitant chief of staff) Kuwait $78.14
2012-05-29 CF Appreciation by the York Downs Golf and Country Club $96.05
  Total: $49,240.08