Lieutenant-General S.A Beare - Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command

Travel Expenses - December 2, 2012 to March 1, 2013

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2012-12-04 Conduct Command and Liaison meetings with Commander Centre de Planification et de Conduite des Operations (CPCO) $7,360.87
2012-12-10 Participate in Permanent Joint Board on Defence meetings. $1,043.61
2012-12-16 Represent Chief of the Defence Staff at outreach event. $581.13
2012-12-29 Conduct Command and Liaison meetings with Commanders at Operations CALUMET, ARTEMIS and PROTEUS. Meeting with Egyptian Chief of Liaison with International Organizations. Meeting with Senior leader of Israeli Defence Force. Meeting with United States Security Coordinator. $8,633.38
2013-02-06 Attend Partners in Defense Conference. $1,285.43
2013-02-25 Conduct Command and Liaison meetings with Commanders at United States Southern Command; Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (South); United States Special Operations Command; and United States Central Command. Guest speaker at Joint Special Operations University and Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Professional Development Centre Symposium. $1,936.01
  Total: $20,840.43

Hospitality Expenses - December 2, 2012 to March 1, 2013

Date Event Description Cost
2012-12-03 Meetings with Executive Vice-President of Canada Border Services Agency (coffee break). $112.78
2013-01-28 Meetings with Chief and Executive Committee of the Communications Security Establishment Canada (coffee break) $71.28
2013-01-28 Canadian Joint Operations Command Honours and Awards Ceremony (stand up reception). $489.10
2013-02-04 Meetings with senior leadership from United States Strategic Command, North American Defence Command and Northern Command (working lunch and 2 coffee breaks) $478.72
2013-02-08 Guatemala military initiative meetings (working lunch and presentation of 7 mementos). $958.60
  Total: $2,110.48