Major General Richard D. Foster - Deputy Commander (Continental) Canadian Joint Operations Command

Travel Expenses - December 2, 2012 to March 1, 2013

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2012-12-03 The Deputy Commander attended a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Exercice with members of the RCMP and Public Safety. The aim was to get familiarized on the complexity of integration with Community Partners (local, state and federal responders) during a CBRN incident. $324.86
2012-12-10 The Deputy Commander attended the 230th Permanent Joint Board of Defence (PJBD) in Colorado Springs CO. The purpose of this meeting was to sign two significant documents; The Tri Command Framework for Arctic Cooperation and the Tri-Command Training and Exercise Statement of Intent. Afterwards, the Deputy Commander travelled to Miami FL to attend CANSEC 12. The forum's intent is to provide a productive dialogue among regional security and defense experts and the exchange of ideas on ways to achieve shared security goals. $3,859.16
2013-01-31 The Deputy Commander attended the 35th Anniversary of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) coinciding with the Change of Command ceremony of the Commander of BDF. The Deputy Commander then proceeded to travel to Guatemala to conduct Bi-lateral discussions with the Guatemalan Forces. While in Guatemala, the Deputy Commander participated in the Joint Canada/Chile Reconnaissance to carry out a needs-analysis for training of the Guatemalan Air Force and Navy. The Deputy Commander also took the opportunity to travel to Jamaica to build awareness, strenghten relationship, establish contact and to begin the process of defining ways to support the integration of Jamaican Defence Force Training and advance regional cooperation through the Center of Training Excellence. $7,398.28
2013-02-18 The Deputy Commander travelled to Cochrane ON to partake in Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE. This exercise is Joint Task Force Central’s annual field training exercise aimed at developing and maintaining the capability and expertise to conduct various operations in remote areas under austere conditions. $19.80
2013-02-24 The Deputy Commander travelled to Shefferville QC to partake in Exercise Guerrier Nordique. The main objective of the training is to prepare the troops for any future operations in northern Quebec. Specifically, the soldiers must demonstrate that they are capable of coming to the aid of the civil authorities in the event of a crisis, be it a natural disaster or an incursion into Canadian territory. $1,089.31
  Total: $12,691.41

Hospitality Expenses - December 2, 2012 to March 1, 2013

Date Event Description Cost
2012-12-02 Nil Report $0.00
  Total: $0.00