Rear-Admiral J.J. Bennett - Chief of Reserves and Cadets

Travel Expenses - March 2, 2014 to June 1, 2014

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2014-03-04 Key-Note Speaker at the Kingston Garrison International Women's Day Conference, Women in Defence and Security (WiDS) Annual Memorial Scholarship Awards Breakfast, host of the NCR DND/CAF International Women's Day event, and office administration. $1,267.90
2014-03-18 Armed Forces Council (AFC), Defence Management Committee (DMC), VCDS Bi-Lateral Meeting, Brief MND on Cadet Renewal, C Res & Cdts Townhall Awards presentation, and office administration. $1,325.41
2014-03-21 Defence Women’s Advisory Organization (DWAO) National Executive Meeting and Conference. $1,517.96
2014-04-01 Commander's Council (CC) Meeting, National Cadet Council (NCC)/ League AGM pre-brief with VCDS, NCC Meeting, AFC with His Excellency Governor General of Canada, General Office/Field Officer (GO/FO) Scroll Ceremony at Rideau Hall, and office administration. $1,205.27
2014-04-10 Navy League’s Maritime Affairs Luncheon and AGM, DMC, DM briefing prep, D Cdts & JCR Townhall, Cadet Renewal Prep, and office administration. $1,345.21
2014-04-15 AFC, VCDS Bi-lateral Meeting, DMC, and office administration $890.45
2014-04-24 Final prep and brief to DM Brief on Reserve Management Issues, Command Council, Defence Capability Board (DCB), and meeting with CDS. $898.88
2014-04-28 Canadian Forces Decorations Advisory Committee (CFDAC) Meeting, Defence Leadership and GOFO Symposium, and C Res & Cdts Quarterly Review. $1,315.96
2014-05-07 AFC with RMC Board of Governors, National Day of Honour Event, and office administration. $1,174.41
2014-05-13 AFC, VCDS Bi-lateral Meeting, DMC, and office administration. $827.65
2014-05-21 Conference on Women in North American Forces $2,449.21
2014-05-26 Defence Strategic Executive Committee (DSX) Meeting, Commander’s Council (CC), DMC, Senior Officer Training Course (SOTC), Women in International Security Conference, prep meeting and appearance before the Standing Committee on National Defence (NDDN). $1,926.64
  Total: $16,144.95

Hospitality Expenses - March 2, 2014 to June 1, 2014

Date Event Description Cost
2014-03-06 DND/CAF International Women's Day Event $582.12
  Total: $582.12