Rear-Admiral J.J. Bennett - Chief of Reserves and Cadets

Travel Expenses - June 2, 2014 to September 1, 2014

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2014-06-08 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps (RCSCC) St Lawrence Annual Cadet Review. $707.15
2014-06-10 Bi-lat with VCDS, Defence Management Committee (DMC), and Chief Reserves Council (CRC) Meeting. $758.40
2014-06-12 CFLC National Council Meeting. $1,171.19
2014-06-16 Canadian Forces Decorations Advisory Committee (CFDAC), Non-Public Property Board of Directors (NPP BOD), VCDS Group General Officer/Flag Officer Dinner, and ORMM Ceremony. $1,596.99
2014-06-25 DMC. $517.22
2014-06-26 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol group (CRPG) Junior Canadian Ranger (JCR) Enhanced Training Session (ETS) visit. $1,664.62
2014-07-02 National Cadet Council (NCC) Meeting. $543.45
2014-07-07 The Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (CFINTCOM) Change of Command Ceremony, MND Briefing: Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (JCRs) Program Renewal (Update), Armed Forces Council (AFC), and DMC. $1,056.21
2014-07-22 Commander's Council, Bi-lat meeting with VCDS, External Review Interview (CRS), Fortissimo, and visit Cadet Summer Training Centre (CSTC) Bagotville. $1,360.89
2014-08-02 National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) Summer Meeting. $5,499.17
2014-08-14 CSTC Cold Lake Graduation Ceremony. $1,311.70
  Total: $16,186.99

Hospitality Expenses - June 2, 2014 to September 1, 2014

Date Event Description Cost
2014-09-01 Nil Return $0.00
  Total: $0.00