Vice Admiral MAG Norman - Commander Royal Canadian Navy

Travel Expenses - September 2, 2014 to December 1, 2014

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2014-09-12 Participate in Star Spangled Spectacular and engage with senior leadership of the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and NATO Standing-Maritime-Naval-Group 2. Conduct bilateral meeting with the Chiefs of the Navy for Germany and Norway on the margins of Star Spangles Spectacular (Baltimore) / Attend International Seapower Symposium and receive a VIP tour of Ratheon Integrated Defence Systems (Providence) $2,176.61
2014-09-28 Chair the Royal Canadian Navy Admiral's Council $2,086.51
2014-10-03 Vehicle parking. Early meeting with Chief Defence Staff and attendance at late night reception. $18.00
2014-10-06 Attended the Maritime Security Challenges Conference and conduct bilateral meetings with Chiefs of Navy from Pacific region (Victoria). / Meet with Prostate Cancer Canada Chief Executive Officer and prospective Honorary Captain (Navy), Anita Huberman (Vancouver). $3,139.24
2014-10-20 Navy to Navy EuroNaval 2014 - Attendance cancelled. Ticket to be reimbursed, less $200 charge. $200.00
2014-10-22 Vehicle parking. Early meeting with Chief Defence Staff. $22.00
2014-11-10 Attendance as Senior Representative at Remembrance Day Ceremony and Ancillary Events / Carry out key engagements with multiple parties representing Industry, local Canadian Air Force Commanders and Honorary Captains (Navy). $1,166.37
2014-11-21 Attend Halifax International Security Forum $2,243.97
  Total: $11,052.70

Hospitality Expenses - September 2, 2014 to December 1, 2014

Date Event Description Cost
2014-09-19 Memento - Commander's Coin (10) - United States Navy Sailor $100.00
2014-09-19 Memento - Commander's Plaques (2) - United States Navy and Mexican Navy Flag Officers $200.00
2014-10-17 Presentation of Sculpted Portrait - Bust of Vice Admiral R.J. Hennessy $172.29
2014-11-05 Hospitality - Naval Board $1,604.60
2014-11-29 Mementos - 3 silk scarves - Commemoration or the Battle of Coronel and EXPONAVAL 2014 $118.65
  Total: $2,195.54