Rear Admiral Gilles Couturier - Director General International Security Policy

Travel Expenses - September 2, 2015 to December 1, 2015

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2015-09-04 Rear Admiral Couturier flew to Quebec City, QC in order to attend Admiral's Council. $1,942.76
2015-09-12 Rear Admiral Couturier travelled to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend the second annual International Maritime Security Symposium hosted by the Indonesian Navy. While in the Asia-Pacific region, he used this opportunity to meet with Singapore’s senior naval officials as the new Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific. $11,973.89
2015-10-03 Rear Admiral Couturier travelled to Honolulu, Hawaii in order to attend the Senior Executive Asia Pacific Orientation Course, held at the Asia Pacific Centre for Strategic Studies. On his return transit, RAdm Couturier stopped in San Francisco in order to visit Canadian ships and take part in San Francisco Fleet Week in order to build international partnerships. $3,536.37
2015-10-14 Rear Admiral Couturier travelled to Vancouver, BC in order to represent the Chief of Defence Staff at the True Patriot Love Gala, an organization that honours members of the Canadian Armed Forces, veterans and their families. $881.88
2015-10-22 Travelled to Vancouver, BC in order to speak at the Port Security Conference. While in area, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific conducted tours of Royal Canadian Mounted Police East Division and Vancouver Shipyards. Addtionally, he attended the Chinese Canadian Military Museum Dinner. $1,204.04
2015-10-26 Commander Maritime Forces Pacific travelled to Ottawa, ON to attend Naval Board, and H Capt(N) Symposium. $2,109.27
2015-11-14 Commander Maritime Force Pacific participated in Naval Reserve Division visits and conducted Community Outreach with the Francophone business community in various regions of Quebec. $3,431.33
2015-11-25 Rear Admiral Couturier travelled to take part in a panel on leadership held at the University of British Columbia School of Business. While there he met with the Port of Metro Vancouver Director of Ops. He also met with key stakeholders, including Hononary Navy Captains $266.47
2015-11-30 Rear Admiral Couturier travelled to Vancouver, BC in order to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty The Emperor as the guest of the Japanese Consul General and build relationships within the Japanese community. While in Vancouver, he conducted strategic outreach with key business leaders. $561.98
  Total: $25,907.99

Hospitality Expenses - September 2, 2015 to December 1, 2015

Date Event Description Cost
2015-09-29 Rear- Admiral Couturier hosted the Commander of United States Coast Guard, District 13 and four of his staff for a tour of Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt followed by lunch. $120.00
2015-10-01 Commander Maritime Forces Pacific hosted the Defence Advisory Group for introductory coffee at his official residence. $40.50
2015-10-11 Rear Admiral Couturier co-hosted a reception with the Consul General onboard Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Calgary while the ship was alongside for San Francisco Fleet Week. $2,234.83
2015-10-16 Lead an Operation HONOUR Command Team session at the Chief and Petty Officer`s Mess. $200.81
2015-11-24 Rear-Admiral Couturier hosted the Formation Padres for a coffee at his official residence. $25.83
  Total: $2,621.97