Rear Admiral R Lloyd - Deputy Commander Royal Canadian Navy

Travel Expenses - December 2, 2015 to March 1, 2016

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2016-01-15 Attended Marine Club Annual Dinner / Luncheon Meetings with various Toronto-based Honourary Captain(Navy)'s to discuss continuing planning for 2016/17 RCN strategic communications and outreach program $901.58
2016-01-20 Attended a strategic dinner hosted by the Canadian Defense Liaison Staff (Washington)for Deputy Commander level United States Navy Flag Officers / Conduct strategic meetings with various other United States Navy Flag Officers and host a mini Town Hall for Washington-based RCN/CAF staff at the Canadian Embassy on 21 January $1,709.55
2016-01-27 Admiral's Council in Halifax $1,171.25
2016-02-11 Meeting in Norfolk, Va on innovation $1,599.89
  Total: $5,382.27

Hospitality Expenses - December 2, 2015 to March 1, 2016

Date Event Description Cost
2016-01-15 Marine Club Annual Dinner - Coins presented to recipient of the Marine Club Gold Medal and to the six members of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps OJIBWA Honour Guard and Flag Party $70.00
2016-01-21 Canadian Defence Liaison Staff (Washington) Dinner - Coins presented to three Canadian Armed Forces members for exemplary service. $30.00
  Total: $100.00