Rear Admiral Gilles Couturier - Commander Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters (Arriving)

Travel Expenses - December 2, 2015 to March 1, 2016

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2015-01-27 Rear-Admiral Couturier travelled to Halifax, NS in order to take part in Admiral's Council. $710.64
2015-02-19 Rear-Admiral Couturier travelled to Vancouver to conduct strategic outreach, meeting with Consul General's of Japan, United Kingdom and United States. $427.54
2015-12-08 Rear-Admiral Couturier travelled to Calgary, AB in order to speak at the Calgary CIO Executive Summit. While there, he also conducted RCN stategic outreach with both United States and United Kingdom Consulate Generals. $1,116.18
2015-12-13 Rear-Admiral Couturier travelled to Honolulu in order to attend the Cooperative Strategy Forum hosted by the United States Commander of the Pacific Fleet to discuss regional issues. $3,160.99
2016-01-05 Rear-Admiral Couturier travelled to Goa, India to visit and present medals to the officers and crew of HMCS WINNIPEG while deployed. While in the region, he conducted strategic engagements both in Mumbai and Goa. $7,516.98
2016-01-13 Rear-Admiral Couturier travelled to Yellowknife to conduct a Joint Task Force North familiarization. $2,181.41
2016-01-26 Rear-Admiral Couturier was a guest speaker for the Joint Command and Staff Programme at the Canadian Forces College. $1,443.91
2016-01-30 Rear-Admiral Couturier travelled to Tokyo, Japan to visit HMCS WINNIPEG on their return transit after eight months deployed. While there, he co-hosted a reception with the Consul General. $9,985.08
2016-02-15 Rear-Admiral CouturierC travelled to Vancouver, BC in order to attend the Canadian Club of Vancouver to commemorate the late Patrick Reid, and to hear the Minister of National Defence's keynote address. $617.31
2016-02-25 Rear-Admiral Couturier travelled to Vancouver , BC in order to take part in the Vancouver Canucks Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation night. $417.12
  Total: $27,577.16

Hospitality Expenses - December 2, 2015 to March 1, 2016

Date Event Description Cost
2015-12-07 Commader Maritime Forces Pacific, Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific, Commander Naval Reserves and Base Commander all co-hosted a Formation Holiday Reception inviting key leaders from the community. $1,815.71
2016-01-09 Rear- Admiral Couturier and the Command team of HMCS WINNIPEG hosted Indian Naval Leadership for a luncheon onboard. $247.80
2016-01-19 Comander Maritime Forces Pacific hosted all the senior leader's for a professional development day, and provided coffee and refreshments for the event. $110.25
2016-02-01 Rear- Admiral Couturier co-hosted a reception with Consul General onboard HMCS WINNIPEG while they were alongside Tokyo, Japan. $4,209.19
2016-02-18 Rear-Admiral Couturier hosted retired General Officer/ Flag Officers living in the local area for a chance to discuss the future of the Royal Canadian Navy. $811.94
2016-02-24 Rear- Admiral Couturier and senior leadership hosted all Flag Officer's from seven countries for a tour of the harbour and lunch onboard an Orca class vessel. $120.00
  Total: $7,314.89