Major General H.M. Petras - Chief of Reserves and Cadets

Travel Expenses - June 2, 2005 to September 1, 2005

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2005-05-30 CFLC Conference, Armed Forces Council (AFC), and Chief Reserves and Cadets Council (CRCC) $2,280.60
2005-06-09 25th Anniversary of Banff/Canmore Air Cadet Squadron. $3,231.56
2005-06-13 Armed Forces Council (AFC), Daily Executive Meeting (DEM), Canadian Forces College (CFC), Various meetings, and Veteran Highland Games. $1,617.33
2005-06-20 CDS Seminar, AFC, Meeting with Her Excellency Governor General of Canada, and Ottawa visit. $1,310.15
2005-06-27 Non-Public Property Board of Directors (NPP BOD), Change of Command Parade in Edmonton, and Halifax Tattoo. $3,189.11
2005-07-05 Canadian Forces College (CFC) and Camp Okpiapik visit with Canadian Rangers. $2,201.65
2005-07-11 Cadet Graduation Ceremony in Yellowknife, NWT and Whitehorse, Y.T. $5,094.06
2005-07-20 Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) Atlantic visit, Joint Reserve Command and Staff Course (JRCSC) Graduation at Canadian Forces College (CFC), Various meetings. $2,762.40
2005-07-31 National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) and Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) Congress. $7,780.86
2005-08-11 Canadian Intelligence and Security Association Annual General Meeting (CISA AGM), Guerrier Summer Ex. $929.04
2005-08-17 Cadet Graduation Ceremony in Calgary. $3,581.19
2005-08-22 Stalwart Guardian, Ottawa visit, Area Reserve Concentration (ARCON) Exercise. $1,701.25
2005-08-29 Ottawa visit. $1,481.50
  Total: $37,160.70

Hospitality Expenses - June 2, 2005 to September 1, 2005

Date Event Description Cost
2005-06-02 Nil Report $0.00
  Total: $0.00