Lieutenant-General JS Lucas - Chief of the Air Staff

Travel Expenses - September 2, 2005 to December 1, 2005

Start Date Purpose Total Cost
2005-09-01 General Jumper's Change of Command Parade/Toronto International Air Show $2,126.26
2005-09-12 Media Outreach/17 Wing Visit $3,253.03
2005-09-22 National Search and Rescue Exercise $1,734.82
2005-10-03 16 Wing Visit/Executive Leaders Symposium $241.90
2005-10-06 Commanders Training Session/Air Force Association of Canada AGM/19 Wing Visit $4,446.94
2005-10-19 Official Visit $4,786.46
2005-10-25 Canadian Forces Air Warfare Centre Stand-Up/1 Wing Visit $161.64
2005-11-01 Airmen Talks South Conference $217.00
2005-11-05 Unveiling of Halifax Bomber at RCAF Memorial Museum $0.00
2005-11-14 Gulf Air Chief Conference/Dubai International Air Show/CDLS(London) Annual Conference $8,569.19
  Total: $25,537.24

Hospitality Expenses - September 2, 2005 to December 1, 2005

Date Event Description Cost
2005-09-16 Director Air requirement Day meeting - Refreshments (Coffee, juices and snacks). $293.41
2005-10-04 Annual Air Force miscellaneous requirements meeting. Meeting is attended by representatives from all Wings. Expenses cover working coffee breaks for 3 days. $418.22
2005-10-05 Offering of a gift to Air Marshall French (Commander in Chief Personnel and Training Command from United Kingdom) and his wife, Lady Margaret French: An Inuit fishing on a Kayak carved Soap Stone and a Maple leaf pin respectively. $139.08
2005-10-15 French Crosstalks - Bilateral senior level forum held between l'Armée de l'Air Francaise, France (AAF) and the Canadian Air Force. Welcoming dinner on 16 Oct, working lunch and working dinner on 17 Oct, offering of a gift to Brigadier - General Aubert visiting General from AAF. $1,297.45
2005-10-24 Aerospace system course 58 visit's to Director Air Requirements - Refreshments (Coffee, juices and snacks). $61.69
  Total: $2,209.85