6110-1 - Defence Terminology Programme


Date of Issue: 2010-01-29

Application: This DAOD is a directive that applies to employees of the Department of National Defence (“DND employees”) and an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Forces (“CF members”).

Approval Authority: Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) (ADM(IM))

Enquiries: Director Information Management Policy and Standards (DIMPS)


Defence Terminology (terminologie de la défense)
Defence terminology means the standardized general, doctrinal, operational, organizational, technical, procedural and administrative terminology pertaining to DND and CF activities.
Terminology (terminologie)
Terminology means the body of terms, abbreviations, acronyms, codes, symbols and definitions used in a given field.
Terminology Management (gestion de la terminologie)
Terminology management means the planning, collection, development, exploitation, classification, publication, maintenance, storage and protection of terminology as a corporate resource to ensure its accurate and consistent use.
Terminology Standardization (normalisation de la terminologie)
Terminology standardization means the application of approval procedures by authorities representing the breadth of a field of expertise to achieve and maintain the required level of commonality and consistency of terminology in that field.



The objective of this DAOD is to achieve the efficient and effective management of defence terminology in order to:

Operating Principles

The Defence Terminology Programme (DTP) brings formal recognition and rigour to many existing informal and ad hoc terminology activities. This formalization:

DTP Integration

The DTP is integrated at the:

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure by a DND employee or CF member to comply with this DAOD may result in the taking of administrative or disciplinary action, or both.

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Management of the Defence Terminology Programme

Defence Terminology Section

The DTS, as the DND and CF defence terminology SME, shall:

Defence Terminology Standardization Board


The DTSB shall:

Defence terminology agreed to either at a DTSB meeting or secretarially by DTSB members is forwarded to the ADM(IM) for approval and publication on behalf of the DND and the CF.

L1 Management

Each L1 shall:

L1 TSCs, terminology OPIs and SME working groups shall:

TSCs and terminology OPIs shall provide input to the DTSB and provide guidance on the official L1 position on terminology proposals from:

Hierarchy of TSCs

Defence terminology standardized by the DTSB takes precedence over that of L1 TSCs and terminology OPIs.

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Responsibility Table

The following table identifies the responsibilities associated with the DTP:

The... is or are responsible for …


  • delivering the DTP; and
  • monitoring and enforcing compliance with the DTP.


  • managing their respective defence terminology;
  • ensuring appropriate L1 representation on the DTSB;
  • providing expert advice and recommendations related to their functional areas to the DTSB; and
  • ensuring compliance with the DTP within their respective organization.
  • day-to-day implementation and monitoring of the DTP.
officers commanding a command or formation and commanding officers
  • promoting the accurate and consistent use of defence terminology; and
  • enforcing the use of accurate and consistent defence terminology in DND and CF correspondence, documents and information systems within their respective organization.
project managers
  • ensuring deliverables from contractors use accurate and consistent defence terminology in both official languages.
DND employees and CF members
  • using accurate and consistent defence terminology in DND and CF correspondence, documents and information systems.


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